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Group offering government services initiative decides on 2006

News release, May 20, 2004

For Immediate Release
June 10, 2004
Contact: William G. Herron

Evergreen, CO - Today the Save Colorado Now (SCN) committee announced that its ballot initiative placing restrictions on state services to illegal immigrants will be placed on the 2006 ballot instead of 2004. SCN received confirmation on May 10, 2004, that the initiative was approved by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Dr. William Herron, chairman of Save Colorado Now, who is also a proponent along with Marlene Guerrero of Longmont and Terry Paulson of Aspen, said, "We have decided to give Colorado Legislators the opportunity to undertake new legislation in the 2005 session before we launch a ballot initiative."

"The State legislature needs to examine the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the current operations of state agencies. This is especially urgent in light of the state's budget problems. Why should we be cutting education, law enforcement and health programs when untold millions are being spent on services to people who are violating the law? If the Legislature doesn't take corrective action, we will definitely move forward in 2006."

Herron also noted that the delay caused by the State Supreme Court hearings has reduced the time available to collect the 68,000 valid signatures needed. "The wording of this initiative was approved by the Initiative Title Setting Review Board on March 3, 2004, but opponents held it up in appeals for over nine weeks. We have 500 volunteers ready to circulate petitions, but by January 2006 we will have 2500."

"This initiative is taking place within the larger context of out-of-control illegal immigration, " said Herron. "The federal government's inaction has lead to a rapidly growing illegal alien population now estimated at 12 million nationally and 200,000 to 250,000 in Colorado," Herron added. The outdated INS estimate of 144,000 is still used in most Colorado newspapers.

SCN volunteers are being released and encouraged to work with two selected campaigns in 2004 to gain additional experience helpful to SCN efforts in 2005 and 2006.

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