Defend Colorado Now

Defend Colorado Now gains new leadership

Filing transferes Defend Colorado Now initiative effort to new team

News release: January 11, 2006

(DENVER, CO) William G. Herron filed with the Colorado Secretary of State to pass the Defend Colorado Now initiative to a new team for the 2006 campaign.

Dr. Herron led the Defend Colorado Now (DCN) initiative effort as chairman for 22 months, after taking over from Congressman Tom Tancredo in early 2004. Discussing his departure, Herron said, "I will miss the job, but by early 2005, with recurring medical problems impacting my effectiveness, I knew I would not be able to handle the rigors of the 2006 campaign. I let my situation be known, and fortunately, by late 2005 an ideal team, led by former governor Dick Lamm, Fred Elbel and Waldo Benavidez, agreed to assume control of the DCN effort for 2006. All three are great on the issue."

Herron added, "My wife, Jan, former DCN state coordinator of volunteers, and I wish the new team and the wonderful volunteers and supporter we have met a well-earned victory in 2006 for all Coloradoans. Also, we need to give Colorado politicians at every level the litmus test; any elected official who won't stand up and support the DCN initiative shouldn't be in office-period."

Herron, who left Los Angeles for Colorado in 1994, declared, "I have admired Lamm's position on the immigration issue since the mid-1980s, when I first read his enlightening book, 'The Immigration Time Bomb.' Sadly, we are now feeling the destructive impact of that bomb."

Fred Elbel, Defend Colorado Now
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