Defend Colorado Now

Defend Colorado Now Statement on legislative session

Pleased with Governor's efforts and outcome

News release: July 12, 2006

July 12, 2006 (Lakewood, CO): Defend Colorado Now (DCN) is pleased with illegal immigration legislation passed in the 2006 special legislative session.

"We are especially pleased with Governor Owens' success in bringing together two polarized political parties on the issue - no easy task," stated DCN co-chair Dick Lamm. "The bill to limit state services to illegal aliens (HB 1023) embodies the essence of the DCN initiative. The fact that the bill mandates use of the federal SAVE program to determine eligibility for benefits gives the bill real teeth."

DCN also recognizes that HB 1017 goes beyond the scope of the original DCN initiative in that it requires employers to verify immigration status of potential employees. DCN co-chair Fred Elbel stated, "We consider it a good foundation toward necessary employer sanctions against hiring illegal aliens, but it does not mandate use of the federal Basic Pilot program to verify immigration status. We hope this serious flaw will be corrected in the next legislative session."

"The People of Colorado wanted to vote on the DCN initiative," said steering committee member Waldo Benavidez. "Even though the Supreme Court unfairly denied the people the right to vote on the initiative, both political parties heard those voices loud and clear - make no mistake about that. We're much better off than we were two weeks ago."

DCN is pleased that two measures will be referred to the voters in November to limit tax deduction for illegal alien wages and to demand Colorado's Attorney General sue the federal government to demand enforcement of federal immigration laws. "These measures, although clearly different from the Defend Colorado Now initiative, will win the overwhelming support of Colorado voters in November," stated Elbel.

Fred Elbel, Defend Colorado Now
PO Box 280289, Lakewood, CO 80228