Defend Colorado Now

Defend Colorado Now releases major cost study

Shows true cost of illegal immigration in the US and Colorado

News release: March 27, 2006

March 27, 2006 (Lakewood, CO): Defend Colorado Now (DCN) will hold a news conference on Tuesday, March 28, 2006, at 11 AM, at the State Capitol press conference room 326. The purpose of the news conference will be to present and release a new study on the costs of illegal immigration in the US and Colorado.

"One out of every 21 Coloradans is an illegal alien," said DCN co-chair John Andrews. "This study makes it abundantly clear that a foreign population of this magnitude has significant fiscal impact."

The study also comments on the Bell Policy Center's December 29, 2005 immigration paper. DCN co-chair Fred Elbel noted, "The Bell Policy Center's report clearly was driven by an advocacy position and did not reflect thorough research using current data."

The DCN initiative will reduce - both directly and indirectly - costs associated with supporting illegal aliens in Colorado. DCN representative Waldo Benavidez stated "It's very simple. The Defend Colorado Now initiative will short-circuit the magnet of taxpayer-paid services that draw illegals into Colorado."

Fred Elbel, Defend Colorado Now
PO Box 280289, Lakewood, CO 80228